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House of Representatives
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Capitol Building
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Committee (Archive 2015-2016)

Health Policy

Mike Callton (R) Committee Chair, 87th District
Henry Vaupel (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 47th District
Ken Yonker (R) 72nd District
Joseph Graves (R) 51st District
Holly Hughes (R) 91st District
Klint Kesto (R) 39th District
Rob VerHeulen (R) 74th District
John Bizon (R) 62nd District
Lee Chatfield (R) 107th District
Kathy Crawford (R) 38th District
Daniela Garcia (R) 90th District
Jim Tedder (R) 43rd District
George Darany (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 15th District
Winnie Brinks (D) 76th District
Tom Cochran (D) 67th District
Phil Phelps (D) 49th District
Erika Geiss (D) 12th District
Frank Liberati (D) 13th District
Sheldon Neeley (D) 34th District
Robert Wittenberg (D) 27th District
Matt Carnagie, Committee Clerk


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