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Special Reports








  • Act 51 Primer [772K], updated February 2007. Public Act 51 of 1951, known simply as "Act 51," governs state appropriations for most Michigan transportation programs, including state and local highway programs and state and local public transportation programs. This report was prepared as a primer on Act 51 and how Act 51 controls state transportation funding.
  • Michigan Department of Transportation's 2007-2011 Five-Year Program, The [531K], February 6, 2007.





  • Personal Service Contracts [282K], October 24, 2003. This memo reviews the statutory authority governing personal service contracts, controls over the contract procurement process, and legislative contract reporting requirements. This memo updates a House Fiscal Agency “Fiscal Focus” dated April 1998 on personal service contracts.
  • Mackinac Bridge Bill Package: House Bills [138K], Mackinac Bridge Bill Package: Senate Bills [138K], June 30, 2003. These two memos summarize bills regarding the Mackinac Bridge.
  • HB 4247 and HB 4248: 0.08% BAC and Federal Funding to Michigan Highway Programs [122K], May, 2003.
  • Padden Amendment, The [117K], May 2003. The focus of this analysis is the so-called "Padden amendment," which was included in 1982 Public Act (PA) 438 amendments to 1951 PA 51, and set certain limitations on how the state Department of Transportation and county road commissions could spend state-restricted transportation revenue and federal highway aid.
  • Preserve First [123K], April 24, 2003. This memo provides an overview of the Preserve First program. This program increases emphasis on the preservation of the state's transportation system.


  • Transportation: Road Construction Warranties [48K], March 2001. This Forum examines the subject of road construction warranties and reviews legislative initiatives regarding road construction warranties, the use of road construction warranties by the Michigan Department of Transportation, and policy issues related to use of warranties.
  • Transportation: Asset Management [42K], February 2001. This Forum discusses the general concept of asset management as well as specific asset management systems currently used by Michigan road agencies.


  • Transportation Video: "Money in Motion: Michigan's State Transportation Budget", February 2000. This 17-minute video gives an overview of the major revenue sources and program areas in the state transportation budget. It also explains the relationship between Public Act 51 of 1951 and transportation spending, and also describes some of the issues related to rewriting Act 51. The video is available, at cost, by contacting the agency at 517-373-8080.
  • Funding Public Transportation, Local Bus Operating Assistance and CTF Revenue (Fiscal Focus) [94K], January 2000.