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Date: 2/6/2018 - Revised Agenda
Time: 10:30 AM
Meeting: Standing Committee Meeting
Transportation and Infrastructure

Representative Triston Cole

All bills referred to this committee
Room 521, House Office Building, Lansing, MI

Cath Petroskey phone: 517-373-8538

Broadcast: No
Agenda:  SB 582 - (Sen. Knollenberg) - Vehicles; registration; issuance of plates, tabs, or placards to persons with disabilities; allow upon determination of a qualifying condition by a physical therapist.

SB 645 - (Sen. Casperson) - Transportation; other; state safety oversight entity; create to oversee covered rail fixed guideway public transportation systems.

HB 4699 - (Rep. Wentworth) - Vehicles; registration plates; eligible disabled veterans; allow choice of registration plates at reduced fee.

HB 4495 - (Rep. Lucido) - Vehicles; fund-raising registration plates; fund-raising plates for the "Kiwanis International Michigan District", the "Lions Clubs of Michigan", the "Michigan Knights of Columbus", the "Michigan Rotary Club", and the "Children's Hospital of Michigan"; create.

HB 4840 - (Rep. Tedder) - Traffic control; speed restrictions; school zone speed limits; apply to limited access highway segment with a pedestrian overhead walkway.

HB 5374 - (Rep. Howrylak) - Traffic control; pedestrians; definition of motor vehicle; exclude power-driven mobility devices under certain circumstances, and include disabled individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility devices in definition of pedestrian.

HB 4841 - (Rep. Tedder) - Highways; name; designation of Williams Lake Road in Waterford Township as the "Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial Highway"; provide for.