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Date: 3/6/2018 - Revised Agenda
Time: 10:30 AM
Meeting: Standing Committee Meeting
Transportation and Infrastructure

Representative Triston Cole

All bills referred to this committee
Room 521, House Office Building, Lansing, MI

Cath Petroskey phone: 517-373-8538

Broadcast: No
Agenda:  HB 5374 - (Rep. Howrylak) - Traffic control; pedestrians; definition of motor vehicle; exclude power-driven mobility devices under certain circumstances, and include disabled individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility devices in definition of pedestrian.

HB 5090 - (Rep. VanSingel) - Traffic control; traffic regulation; penalties for certain vehicles' failure to stop at weigh station; modify.

HB 4265 - (Rep. Hughes) - Traffic control; traffic regulation; requirement for operator of a motor vehicle to maintain a 5-foot distance when passing a bicyclist; establish.

HB 5634 - (Rep. Alexander) - Traffic control; violations; prohibitions on window tinting and obstruction of driver's vision; eliminate.

HB 4919 - (Rep. Barrett) - Traffic control; traffic regulation; motorcycle processions; provide regulations for.

SB 521 - (Sen. Jones) - Traffic control; traffic regulation; procedure for intersection traffic flow due to power failure; clarify.

HB 5662 - (Rep. VanderWall) - Vehicles; off-road; helmet and protective eyewear requirement while operating an off-road vehicle for towing a fishing shanty; eliminate.

HB 5664 - (Rep. Wittenberg) - Highways; name; portion of I-96; designate as the "Officer Mason Samborski Memorial Highway".

HB 5335 - (Rep. VerHeulen) - State agencies (proposed); boards and commissions; Michigan infrastructure council; establish.